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Hometown with Heart #1
Thursday, 27 April 2017 • 5:40 am • 0 comments
Bonjour! Hello There.

It's been a month after i went back to my hometown but this time its more excited and full of happiness because.. 

I bring sulu with me! sempena hari lahir dia, so why not the gift for him is one ticket to Sabah? Furthermore, that time the ticket is still on promotion because i brought it 7 month early. The total for the two of us is just Rm400. Usually, that 400 is just for one person you know? and it is not a one-way ticket but a return ticket! Sangat murah dan berbaloi. satisfied.

Safe arrived at KLIA 2 @ 1 am if i not mistaken. And our flight is around 8 am in the morning. Its a bit kelam kabut day for me sebab after finish work then rushing to melaka sentral for a bus going to TBS.  Then kejar bas ke KLIA sebab tak nak naik KLIa transit because the fee is more expensive compare to bus yang only RM 11.

Sementara tunggu flight that morning we let our eyes rest for awhile bersuasana kapal di hadapan. Never thought of that day would finally come true :') Usually, this type of waiting is just me and myself. Sleep alone anywhere. But this time i have you. What more can i wish for?

Around 6am we drop luggage and go to the waiting room which is more peaceful than the outside.

Happy me.

Waiting for boarding be like...

Only God know how happy I am this time.

So dah masuk kapal, selfie lagi =='

You know, i really really really love eating maggi in the plane and I dont know whyyyy so we order..

One maggi for each of us and i add on one more nasi beriani for me because maggi is not enough for my tummy. Yeap! Not enough. Jauh sangat dengan orang sebelah yang perut kecil ni. Pelik aku.

So after eating, is chating. Since the next seat is empty so we have more space and more privacy hahaha.  So flight to Sabah usually took two hours and 45 minutes. And the remaining hour is welfie and selfie.

We safely landed in Kota Kinabalu International Airport around 11 am and then waiting for my father with ma brother to fetch us.

To be Continue.... 

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